Block Retaining Walls

Enjoying a backyard BBQ in your new outdoor living space can be hard to do in a new housing development or if your home is close to a busy road. Land Design by Armstrong provides block retaining walls in Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah to block out the noise and give you a more relaxing, private atmosphere. Contact us today for a consultation!

Block retaining walls aren't just used for sound barriers as they can also be used to separate gardens or different level landscape designs. With the many different shapes and textures, you cannot go wrong with a block retaining wall for your outdoor garden or landscape wall. Block retaining walls are usually installed with mortar so the wall is a fixed structure but a block wall for your garden landscape can be dry stacked for a different look that can be adjusted over time.

Rock Retaining Walls

Landscape boulders ranging from 18-48 inches set to retain and create aesthetic planters. Learn more about our rock retaining walls.

Timber Retaining Walls

Pressure treated timbers are tied to the hillside for a natural looking retaining wall. Learn more about our timber retaining walls.

Dry Stack Retaining Walls

A dry stack stone retaining wall is a structure that is built without mortar and is usually built against a slight hill preventing the down-slope movement and erosion of earth from sliding into a building, road or other area. Learn more about our dry stack retaining walls.

Concrete Retaining Walls

A wall built of concrete and set on freeze line footing and tied with steel for reinforcement. The surface can remain brick, stucco, or concrete. Learn more about our concrete retaining walls.

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